Sent larger than literal

Max Kipness max at
Sun Mar 12 14:06:35 GMT 2006

Hello -

When using the stats option I understand that Literal should be the amount of data that did not match, and that Sent should be the actually amount of bytes that were sent. I always use compress for remote transfers, so I'm used to Sent being smaller (usually around half the size) than Literal.

However on one server, the backup from last night had the Sent figure larger than Literal even though the compress option is used as is listed below:

Number of files: 191253
Number of files transferred: 42
Total file size: 92217159832 bytes
Total transferred file size: 692564897 bytes
Literal data: 2813738 bytes
Matched data: 689751159 bytes
File list size: 4910229
Total bytes sent: 6457999
Total bytes received: 392265

sent 6457999 bytes  received 392265 bytes  31208.49 bytes/sec
total size is 92217159832  speedup is 13461.84

Anybody have an idea why this would happen?


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