Problem with --partial and rsync algorithm

Matias Surdi matiassurdi at
Sun Mar 12 08:49:45 GMT 2006


I'm running the following command for a remote host backup:

/usr/local/bin/rsync -a --delete --delete-excluded -v --timeout=120 -z
--no-whole-file -partial --partial-dir .rsync-partial --exclude=/sys/*
--exclude=/tmp/* --exclude=/stuff/distfiles/* --exclude=/stuff/sistema/*
--exclude=/stuff2/ftp/* --exclude=/stuff2/backup/* --exclude=/home/ftp/*
--exclude=/home/gentoo/* --exclude=/mnt/* --exclude=/proc/*
--exclude=/var/tmp/* --exclude=/usr/portage/distfiles/*
--exclude=/home/*/.thumbnails/* --exclude=.mozilla/**/Cache/*
--exclude=.svn/* /usr/backups/data/u2.current/
receiving file list ... done
*deleting home/

As you can see in the last few lines, the (very large) file
videos_sunset_30042005.tar.bz2 is deleted every time I restart the transfer.

I've specified the --no-whole-file, -partial and --partial-dir.... ¿Why
rsync can't continue the transfer instead of deleting it and starting
again and again????


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