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Sat Mar 11 17:35:29 GMT 2006

This list does not (though it can assist with RSYNC general parameters that are commen between the platforms).  There are forums provided by Novell for the RSYNC port of NetWare.  

The following link has references to NNTP and HTTP forums.
In addition to this you may want to checkout the CPR-Backup project which addresses some issues with NetWare RSYNC and provides a reporting and automation framework.  It's pretty good, but I'm a little biased having written submitted a few bugfixes and adjustments to portions of it.  



>>> "Jon  Miller" <jlmiller at> 03/10/06 22:32 PM >>>
Does this list supports the NetWare version (rsync.nlm)? if not does anyone know of a list that does?  I'm having all sorts of issues with this ported version on my NetWare 6.5 server.


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