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lsk ellsatish at
Thu Mar 9 14:40:20 GMT 2006

> I have been using the following syntax..
> rsync -cvz /d01/app/testfile1.dbf  tarser:/t01/app/testfile1.dbf
> but I would change to the one below and test a 40 GB transfer and see the
> results...
> rsync -zv --no-whole-file --stats /d01/app/testfile2.dbf 
> tarser:/t01/app/testfile2.dbf

Yes, make that change!  You don't need --no-whole-file; it's the default
because you're doing a remote transfer.  Leaving the old file on the
receiver and omitting --checksum has already brought down the transfer
time significantly in your earlier test; I bet --inplace will cut the
time another 20-40% or so.
Matt McCutchen
hashproduct at

********//// lsk --> Matt I was doing lot of tests with the real time TTS
ransfers using rsync of oracle datafiles. Out of that what I observed was,
with the files in place and when I am doing the transfers using " rsync -vz
--stats --inplace" it takes more time than deleting all the files in the
destination and doing the same rsync. Here is one sample from the multiple
tests I performed. 

50 GB of data that contains 258 datafiles
1) rsync with 150 old files in target + transfeering 108 new files that were
not already in destination with --inplace option it took 4:09

2) rsync with no files at target transferring all 258 files with --inplace
option without --no-whole-file 
option it took 3:17

I did tests with some small samples and also large samples than this all
shows the following

- with datafiles in dsetination takes more time
- also inplace saves only abt 10 min max is some cases only ~ 2 min

Do you have any suggestions ?


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