Question about rsync and BIG mirror

Shachar Shemesh rsync at
Mon Mar 6 17:18:45 GMT 2006

Jamie Lokier wrote:

>Hmm.  My home directory, on my laptop (a mere 60GB disk), does contain
>millions of files, and it takes about 20 minutes to build the list on
>a good day.  100Mbps network, but it's I/O bound not network bound.
>It looks a lot like the number of files is more significant than the
>amount of data at this scale.
In fact, I know of at least one place where they don't use rsync because
they don't have enough RAM+SWAP to hold the list of files in memory.

As far as future directions for rsync, I think this is the major place
where rsync needs to become better.


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