sctp support for rsync?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Mon Mar 6 00:04:06 GMT 2006

Thanks Lawrence, you were quicker at typing than I am. Oh yeah - and the
"little" thing about knowing more doesn't hurt either! ;-)

So to come clean, we do run Cisco IPSec (in GRE tunnels so that we can
run routing protocols) VPN tunnels over our Internet link, and that
really whacks the hell out of the throughput. Even though we can get
>9Mbs "raw" Internet throughput on a single (close by)TCP session, we
rarely get above 30Kbs inside a tunnel :-( But it aggregates up to 3-4Mbs.

I am really looking for "magic" ways of making more of that max
aggregated bandwidth available to single sessions - because that means
users and apps (such as rsync) would experience better throughput.


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