remove-send-files, thanks and question

d.laffien at d.laffien at
Sat Mar 4 19:45:26 GMT 2006

First remove-send-files is improved in the actual version
and really works better for me, removing is now more in time. 

In my case I have a buggy wireless cconnection and rsyncing over night
in a loop, until rsync return 0, because often the pipe connection gets 

After a complete success rsync there are files left on the sender, because
they where transfered right before loosing connection and not 
transfered#again, because the file already exists on the next loop on
the receivers side. So these files will surely not removed, b ecause they 
are not send. 

Can I do something like delete-existing to delete files on the sender that 
are equal on the receiver? 

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Laffien 

[AMIGA - because life is too short for boring computers] 

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