Help understanding rsync and cwrsync

Doug Lochart dlochart at
Wed Mar 1 22:14:42 GMT 2006

Hi all,  we are just beginning to dive into rsync. I have limited
experience with just playing around with the examples and reading all
the docs that I can.  I just read an interesting post from a developer
that mentions cwrsync is a minimalistic rsync and thus things like
permissions are not transfered, the post was from 2004.  Here are my

Windows (cw)Rsync Client -->  Linux Rsync server

1)  Should we abandon cwrsync for cygwin + rsync?  Have the
disparities between the two versions been resolved?

2)  What are the risks with using cwrsync (we want a limited footprint
on the client)?

3)  Assuming we use straight cygwin + rsync how does the linux rsync
server handle the permissions and ACL's of an NTFS files system?  Are
they restorable back to a windows machine?  The linux server won't
have any of the users plus the ACLS stuff is totally different that

One more question, I became confused while reading about the
differences in running rsync in daemon mode vs inetd mode and possibly
a shell mode.

We will be using rsync over an SSH tunnel to start but will eventually
switch to rsync over SSL.
We want to be able to add module definitions to the rsyncd.conf file
as we go along without having to restart the rsync daemon or inetd
service.  We want this so that we can add new client machines without
interfering with other clients use of the server.  Is what we are
trying to do workable?  If so how should we run our rsync server.

Thanks so much in advance

Doug Lochart

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