rsync and chmoding permissions on Windows

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Wed Jun 28 13:12:44 GMT 2006

I'm trying to use rsync to keep the permissions between two Windows servers.

A windows NT 4 server (with rsync daemon) and windows 2003 R2

I use Rsync in a batch file and I run it as Administrator by double
clicking on it.


set cygwin=notnsec
rsync -rpDPo --chmod=Du+rwx,Fu+rwx,+X 

and the files are crossed over but the permissions are screwed up.

Now, I can't find out the exact syntax for the Rsync --chmod= command.
Documents for using it on Windows are not good.

Normal 'chmod' I know. 

the D and F refer to the directory or file? But what is the +X doing?

Google can't search for 'chmod=' so I'm stumped.

The permissions I'm getting set is that the directory I've copied has
Administrator ACLs set to  'special permissions' and not full control!

Can some kind person put me out of my misery.

Stuart Halliday
ECS Technology ltd
Registered in Scotland - #212513 

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