Can rsync monitor a file system?

tony at tony at
Tue Jun 27 19:41:44 GMT 2006

cbiedl at wrote:
>Charles.Berman at wrote...
>> How would you set a cron to run every 30 seconds?
>Otherwise it could work
>> for me.
>With a start every 30 seconds you're in the high
>risk an an overrun.
Possibly saved by max connections =1 or such.

>Don't do cron, use a simple shell script with
>"while true; " and 
>"sleep 30".
>But believe me, this is a bad idea.
I suspect you're right;) 
When things take off automatically on their own, you get
troubles in places you didn't know you had places. 
Debris from failed transfers. 
Subtle errors that put an extra copy one level off.
(mirror in a mirror, ...  ... until you run out of ...)
(and that's without knowing what I'm talking about)
(Figure reality has several considerably worse ...)

I think that handling deletes becomes a nightmare, or
at least must be handled carefully and severly restricts
the choices possible for updates.

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