Can rsync monitor a file system?

Tony Abernethy tony at
Mon Jun 26 20:16:34 GMT 2006

To monitor the file system, you have to have something down inside
the file system. Unless you know what you are doing, you don't really
want to mess around with any such. Any slipup ....

"copy each others data"
Now if this means "an update to one implies an update to the other"
that should be doable.
If it means "a delete from one imples a delete from both"
	(me, I'm "brave and daring" but I wouldn't even try.)

I can see two reasonable ways.
1) have an rsync daemon running on each server and a constantly running
script on each server going either to or from the other server.
2) have an rsync daemon running on one server and a constantly running
script on the other, alternately pushing and pulling.

Regardless, -u (--update) is probably what you want.
You may want to exclude rsync temporaries somehow
(--exclude='.*'  might be what you want)
(Copying a temporary of a temporary after  ... if (when) something goes
You can get a wee bit of a mess if cron jobs start stepping on each other.
No real damage other than producing multiple copies of dead temporaries.

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> Subject: Can rsync monitor a file system?
> I am trying to get two servers to copy each others data to the other
> server.
> I need it to be done real time a not use a cron.
> Can rsync running as a daemon monitor the files system to trigger a
> transmission?
> If so how do I configure it?
> I am running Solaris 9.
> Thank you.
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