no true incrementals with rsync?

tim594 timh at
Mon Jun 26 17:15:38 GMT 2006

for example's sake:

With traditional backup systems, you keep a base (full backup, let's say
every 30 days), then build incrementals on top of that, eg. (what has
changed since the base). 
So, to restore, you copy over your base, then copy each incremental over the
base to rebuild up to the latest snapshot. (*copying new incrementals files
over older base files*)

With rsync, (using --backup, --backup-dir) it's opposite, you sync nightly,
so your "base" is your most up to date, and your incrementals are files that
have changed x days ago... EG. if you want to restore a snap shot from 5
days ago, you copy over your base, then 1 days ago, 2 days ago, up to 5 days
ago. (*copying older incrementals over newer base files*).

am i right?
Actually i think this method is better, because on a full uptodate restore
you only need to copy over your base, as opposed to your base + all

anyone know a way to keep true incrementals including deletions?
With rsync 2.6.6, when i use --delete or --del with the --backup command,
the files it deletes are not backed up.  It would seem logical to me, if
you're running the --backup command, all changes should be backed up,
updates AND deletions.


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