Rsync fails to rename on Windoze2003

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Thanks Tony,

The source only has one file:, so my guess is that the short name business isn't what is biting me here.

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  This is mostly wild guesses (with luck you get some more knowledgeable answers)
  From what I have observed ...
  file of the form  is an rsync temporary of file RICHED~1.CAB
  Trying to rename the temporary file to its permanent name, it ran into trouble on the name
  The idea is to NOT destroy the older target if the transfer goes south.

  Do a DIR cdrom/riched32/RICHED*.cab   and see if it turns up anything.
  If you have more than one of them, Windows probably gets it wrong as to which
  is and which is
  Windows does have a kinda-sorta soft-link with the DOS 8.3 naming.
  Anything complicated in the naming and Windows manages to get it wrong at least half the time.
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    Some further information:

    I went back to 2.6.6 of rsync on the client and server and at least the entire sync completes.  I still get the 'Permission Denied' problem on the rename though.   I had a look at the logs and it appears the rename error is _always_ on a file name with a '.' as the starting character.  e.g.

    rsync: rename "MEDIA_2006_LATEST/cdrom/riched32/" (in MEDIA_2006) -> "cdrom/riched32/": Permission denied (13)
    total: matches=278531  tag_hits=1689129  false_alarms=123 data=79645872

    sent 80988322 bytes  received 2116535 bytes  72233.69 bytes/sec
    total size is 1470681718  speedup is 17.70
    rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at /home/lapo/packaging/tmp/rsync-2.6.6/main.c(791)

    My source tree has no files with a '.' at the beginning.  There was a file '' in the source - don't know why rsync thinks there should be a '.' in front of it on the destination.

    So it appears that file permissions to not have a bearing on the problem, but something in rsync is looking for files with a '.' at the beginning.  But why does this only occur at random, not for every file?  Note the 'false alarms' above - does that mean anything?

    Does anyone have any further notion why I get these rename errors?

    Thanks in Advance!

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      Hi All,

      I've seen several variations on this topic, but nothing exactly the same:

      I have two Windows 2003 servers that I want to use rsync (2.6.8) to mirror.  These machines are separated by a WAN.

      Initial attempts to get rsync working between them have not been successful.  The first rsync went fine, which seeded the files, but the second sync always fails (at a ramdom time) with a 

      rsync: rename "" (in MEDIA_2006) -> "": Permission denied (13)

      On the server, the rsyncd (from cwRsyncd), I initially ran the service as user SvcwRsync (from the installer), then added the user to the Administrators group, then changed the server to run as Administrator, all to no avail.

      If it was a perms problem, I wouldn't get _any_ files updated, but this fails on the rename at a random time.

      So I changed the rsync client to --inplace and I see (again random):

      unexpected tag 3 [sender]
      rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(828) [sender=2.6.8]

      I really would prefer to not have to use --inplace to optimize the bandwidth taken up.

      Any thoughts on why the rename fails?  I would have thought the owner of the service as local Administrator would be fine!

      Thanks in Advance!


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