Windows 2003, Cygwin, and rsync

John Oliver joliver at
Tue Jun 20 21:10:46 GMT 2006

I just installed Cygwin / OpenSSH / rsync on two Dell PowerVault 745N
NASes running Windows 2003 Appliance Edition.  My rsync daemons are
running, ssh works, and in theory all is well.  But... I'm getting an
average of maybe 15 Mb/s rsyncing between them.

Now, I know I have an issue in the way they're connected... one is
attached to a Cisco 2970 (1 Gb/s), which is attached to a NetGear
100Mb/s switch, which has the other NAS attached to it.  Yes, the
NetGear is going to go away :-)  And the NASes are going to wind up with
a crossover cable between them for a straight, dedicated 1Gb/s  But it
certainly looks like rsync is not using more than a fraction of the
(theoretically) available 100Mb/s  There are several other hosts
attached to the NetGear switch, and there is no "slowness" about them
(which disproved my initial hypothesis of a saturated backplane)

Is this a known rsync and/or Cygwin issue?

I also get a "cannot send long-named file" message that halted rsync
The file in question is probably a fluke, but this could happen again.
How could I get rsync to just ignore the too-long filename, or maybe
increase the limit of what it considers "too long"?

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