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Fri Jun 16 06:29:36 GMT 2006

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> This has been fixed in the CVS version for a while now, which you can try out
> via the "nightly" tar files.  This sanitizing of symlinks as they get expanded
> is still pretty new, so it would help if folks beat on the code to see if there
> are any places where a symlink could escape the top of the module's hierarchy
> that aren't handled yet.

Dear Wayne,

Thanks for your kind reply !

Can you tell me which version of rsync has fixed this problem ?
'cos I can find that the man page for rsync v2.6.4-3 is still telling us that
it will still remove the leading slashes in all symbollinks. See below:
       man rsyncd.conf
       use chroot
              If "use chroot" is true, the rsync server  will  chroot  to  the
              "path"  before starting the file transfer with the client.  This
              has the advantage of extra protection against possible implemen-
              tation security holes, but it has the disadvantages of requiring
              super-user privileges, of not  being  able  to  follow  symbolic
              links  that are either absolute or outside of the new root path,
              and of complicating the preservation  of  usernames  and  groups
              (see  below).  When "use chroot" is false, for security reasons,
              symlinks may only be relative  paths  pointing  to  other  files
              within  the root path, and leading slashes are removed from most
              absolute paths (options such  as  --backup-dir,  --compare-dest,
              etc. interpret an absolute path as rooted in the module’s
              dir, just as if chroot was specified).   The  default  for  "use
              chroot" is true.

> You can also avoid the problem with any rsync by turning chroot on in the
> config file.
  It works for my current version after I have turned chroot on.

  Thanks !

Best Regards. Louie

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