Rsync hangs

Mike Winfrey mike.winfrey at
Wed Jun 14 14:11:46 GMT 2006

I have checked the archives but found nothing that helps.

I am running rsync over the internet from several remote locations to
mine.  My location has the server.  All the remote locations are
operating very well except one.  This one problem child hangs at
"building file list ... Done".  It does run ever once in a while and has
run successfully for an extended period.  However, about a month ago it
stopped working and I have no explanation of why.  I maintain the remote
computer and did not do any updates just prior to that first failure. By
the way, this is the Windows implementation of rsync.  I upgraded rsync
to 2.6.8. hoping that would have a positive effect but no luck.  

This is the syntax I'm using.
C:\rsync>rsync.exe -av --delete -z "/cygdrive/C/shared"
"username at domain::username/"

Any idea why this might be happening?

Mike Winfrey

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