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schlippp at schlippp at
Sun Jun 11 21:17:16 GMT 2006

Hi everyone,
I'm using rsync through rsnapshot. My configuration is the fellowing:

- A Linksys NSLU2 running Unslung 6.8 with an external hard drive 
formated with EXT3. This device is running rsnapshot.
- An OS X box that is running OS 10.4 with a HFS formated drive.

The fact:
-When I use samba to acces the hard drive from the OS X box, I've no 
problems with the accent, that is I see the same name for a copied file 
from the local hard drive or from the share on the NSLU2.
-When I backup my file through the use of rsnapshot and acces them 
later via samba, I see glitches on the name of my accentuated file. 
Example: Original file name on OS X = "Rome Pâques 05", name of the 
file once backuped = "Rome Pa?éques 05".

Can someone explain me how to solve this problem and to finally gain 
consistency among my files and backups.

Regards Jérôme
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