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Sun Jun 11 20:00:30 GMT 2006

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Proposed changes to deletion, filters, etc.

This patch adds:
- support for --filter="Pp .svn"
- *pinned itemize output and some double-verbose messages for pinned
directories, with or without --dry-run; change get_dirlist, send_directory,
send_file_name, make_file to signal a protected file
- *maxdel itemize output for files spared because of --max-delete
- support for --max-delete=0 to set a deletion limit of zero rather than
disable the limit
- additional error message "could not make way for new <TYPE> at %s" when a
file cannot be deleted to allow another to be created in its place
- delete_item doesn't even try to rmdir a directory containing protected files
(because rsync might be used on an exotic filesystem in which rmdir can delete
nonempty directories)
- "See if file is excluded before reporting an error": make sure the file would
be excluded whether or not it is a directory.

Please test and comment.  Wayne, I've been rather bold with my changes, and you
may want to throw out some of them, but let's talk about it.

This patch has some rather trivial conflicts with the ACL patch.  I will write
up corresponding man page changes next.  Maybe I will also write a test case.

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