preserve owner when owner is the only change

Arnaud DUBARRY dubarry at
Mon Jun 5 15:09:57 GMT 2006


I'm trying to make incremental backups with rsync (I'm reading )
But I can't backup a file with old owner when the change on the file is 
only the owner (content is unchanged).

rsync -av -e ssh --link-dest=$PWD/backup.1/ --numeric-ids --delete 
root at backup.0

If I look at the owner of $PWD/backup.1/test-file (it's an exemple), 
it's always link to backup.0/test-file, so the old owner is lost.

I'm using rsync  version 2.6.4  protocol version 29 (on debian sarge)

Is it a normal behavior of rsync ?

Thank you by advance,

Arnaud Dubarry

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