Cwrsync ... mkdir permission denied

Grignon Mickaël mgrignon at
Wed Jul 19 09:04:35 GMT 2006


I have a little problem with Cwrsync. I don't know if one of you has already use it but I don't understand why rsync can't create directories.

The next error is dislpayed :

"rsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/*****" <in *****> failed: Permission denied <13>"

I use a remote rsync server launched with rsync --daemon.
I created a module pointing to the directory where I want to Back-up.
I notice read only = false in /etc/rsyncd.conf
I use root as user ...
And I allow my computer to access to Rsync in rsyncd.conf 

Don't see where I'm wrong. Can someone help me ? I must forgot something important.


Mickaël Grignon.
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