rsync --timeout question

Matt McCutchen hashproduct at
Sun Jul 9 18:32:16 GMT 2006

On 7/9/06, Eric Horne <eric at> wrote:
> I'm just not entirely clear from the man page.. does the timeout start
> counting from the last communication, or does it start counting from the
> beginning of the transmission?

I believe it counts from the last communication.

> also, if the server is set to timeout at, say, 300s, and it's busy
> moving stuff around but not talking to the client, does the timeout
> start counting? So if it takes 300s to move a file out of a partial-dir
> (just pretend), would the server timeout?

Yes, the timeout counts whenever one side is busy on its own, and the
client would give up if the server took 300s to move the file.
However, most of the sections of code that could keep one side busy
for a long time send keep-alive messages to the other side every so
often.  (Search the source code for maybe_send_keepalive .)


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