Rsync over samba mounts (bad file descriptor)

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Fri Jul 7 09:33:48 GMT 2006

Hi Tony

Thanks for the speedy reply.

Yes, the windows server is mounted on the BSD machine like you explained.

I don't really mind to preserve date / time stamps on the files, or permissions.

Surely there must be a way to get this to work.

Copying the whole folder (folder at a time) to the BSD machine, and then sync it to the Linux box works, but its very time consuming, and definitely not the way to do it.


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Some things fast off the top of my head
(flames invited where I'm wrong;)

I am assuming:
Files live on the Window server.
smb mounted onto the BSD server
(It does what it can, but it's a few cards shy of a full deck)
There is a buch of whatever in Windows ACLs, but
there is enough UNIX permission stuff MISSING that you can expect trouble.
(Neither is an extension of the other. THey are different)

You will probably want a window on the timestamps since DOS cannot represent
odd seconds.
You will likely to an all or nothing gizmo regarding ownerships.
You will likely get the single-user attitude of DOS in order to make things
Likely, the owner and group of everything in the mount is whoever mounted
(Which naturally has nothing to do with who "owns" it on the Windows

If it were me, I would set multiple [names] in the target /etc/rsyncd.conf
where the distinguishing difference was the uid= and gid=

Good Luck ;)
With luck, you should even get some actually helpful answers from the list.

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> Hello everyone
> I am trying to do incremental backups using rsync and SSH.
> I have a windows server with two shares on it that I want to sync
> remotely to another machine.
> [----------------]
> | windows server |
> [----------------]
> [----------------]
> | FreeBSD server |
> [----------------]
> [----------------]
> | SuSe server    |
> [----------------]
> I have two samba mounted shares on the BSD server, and then sync
> those samba mounts from the BSD machine to the Linux machine.
> Now the problem:
> When my rsync starts building its file list it gets a lot of "Bad
> File Descriptor" Errors, and does not do incremental syncs.
> Is there a way around this? (Without running cygwin on the
> Windows server).
> I am running my rsync with the following flags: -avuz
> Your help is appreciated.
> Wayne Swart
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