Rsync over samba mounts (bad file descriptor)

Wayne Swart Wayne at
Fri Jul 7 08:41:24 GMT 2006

Hello everyone

I am trying to do incremental backups using rsync and SSH.

I have a windows server with two shares on it that I want to sync remotely to another machine.

| windows server |

| FreeBSD server |

| SuSe server    |

I have two samba mounted shares on the BSD server, and then sync those samba mounts from the BSD machine to the Linux machine.

Now the problem:

When my rsync starts building its file list it gets a lot of "Bad File Descriptor" Errors, and does not do incremental syncs.

Is there a way around this? (Without running cygwin on the Windows server).

I am running my rsync with the following flags: -avuz

Your help is appreciated.

Wayne Swart
Systems Administrator
ZA Internet Solutions
+2712 663 1800

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