DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3465] --files-from does not --delete

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Tue Jan 31 16:13:57 GMT 2006

------- Comment #2 from michael.w.grenier at  2006-01-31 09:13 MST -------
Another work around might be to allow a --max-size of zero combined with a
--delete. --maxsize of zero is not supported in rsync. While it wouldn't
completely solve the original problem, it will at least delete files on the
receiver that are not in the senders directory without transferring anything.
Thus one would do the original transfer first:
rsync -vrptgz --delete -l -P -e rsh --stats --bwlimit=120  --timeout=1600
--files-from=files.txt /src somebox:/src

followed by something like:
rsync -rv --delete --max-size=0 -e rsh /src somebox:/src
to get rid of extra files. Of course, files could still exist on the receiving
side that in the senders directory tree that were not part of the --files-from
list. But its a start. I supposed I could try to exclude everything (but then
I'd need to learn about patterns :-). 

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