--files-from and --delete mutually exclusive?

Kilian Krause kk at verfaction.de
Mon Jan 30 18:42:20 GMT 2006

Hi rsync developers,

I'm trying to get some fancy mirroring done with selecting files from a
larger archive through the --files-from option. The only problem that I
do see is that rsync will not eat the --delete option whatever I try.
Thus, all the old files remain in the mirror archive instead of being

To be more clearly, I want the rsync --files-from option to behave like
"take these files out of $TARGET and *ONLY* these files", i.e. deleting
*EVERYTHING* there is except the files given in the index file added to

Am I just not getting the point of --files-from or is that indeed not
working as should in rync 2.6.4 through 2.6.6?

Thanks for any pointers. Please CC me on replys as I don't want even one
more mailing list in my inbox.

Best regards,
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