rsnyc over ssh through scripting and cron...

Quinn Snyder daemon_14 at
Sun Jan 29 18:36:39 GMT 2006

hello all:


I have two machines (approx 50 miles apart) that I need to create a
co-located backup solution for.  One machine will serve as a central
fileserver for an office, and every week a backup of that directory will be
sent through the internet to a box I have here locally.  I am aware of rsync
being able to run over SSH, however I need this to be totally automated (SSH
opening, passwords sent and synchronized, files copied, and connections
broken).  If I can create the script, I can place the script in the
cron.weekly folder, and execute it from there using cron.  I just need to
know where to start, and how I'm going to get the password automation (any
links or anything.I don't need to be walked through it, I just need a
starting point, though any help is appreciated).




Quinn Snyder

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