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------- Comment #4 from wayned at  2006-01-29 01:57 MST -------
I know of some users that have used --temp-dir in the past to tell rsync to
avoid ever creating a tempory file in the dest-dir itself, so I think that the
user should have to ask for a temp file to ever be placed in a destination
directory when --temp-dir is in effect.

One way to do this that already works is to use the --delay-updates option. 
This makes all the updates happen in rapid succession at the end of the
transfer, so any copying that is done from the --temp-dir is done into the
active partial-file subdir (default: .~tmp~).

Another possibility is to use the --partial-dir option that can already be used
to tell rsync that a partial file should be placed in a subdir of the
destination dir.  If we enhance robust_rename() a little, it could be made to
perform the copy to the file inside the partial-dir, and the code could rename
it from there to the parent dir.

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