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------- Comment #4 from wayned at  2006-01-29 01:33 MST -------
The CVS version now has an option named --super that tells rsync to attempt to
perform super-user activities even if it is not being run by the super-user
(set file ownership, preserve all groups instead of just the current user's
groups, and to create devices (which are now a separate class from special
files).  This both enables warnings on an rsync run where you're expecting all
those things to work, and also makes it possible for rsync to work on a system
where it doesn't need a UID of 0 to perform those operations.  Also added was
the --no-super option that allows root access to the non-super-user version of
the -g option.

If the user wants to make "-a --super" easier to type, consider a popt alias in
your ~/.popt file to define this as the -s option:

rsync alias -s -a --super

(Perhaps an official -s option should be added that means that...)

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