DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3444] Deal with case-insensitive file-systems better (perhaps by adding an option)

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            Summary|Cygwin files trashed when   |Deal with case-insensitive
                   |they only differ in the case|file-systems better (perhaps
                   |of the name                 |by adding an option)

------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2006-01-29 01:03 MST -------
The behavior you reported ("the source file is not copied") only occurs when
--delete-after is used, not --delete (as Matt mentioned). There are other
potential problems with copying files to a case-insensitive file system, such
as two files getting copied that differ only in the case of their name.

The best solution is probably to add an option to tell rsync to consider all
such same-except-for-case names as identical. In the patches dir there is an
implementation of this named ignore-case.diff. Note that the patch that came
with 2.6.6 builds, but is ineffective. The version in CVS should be OK.

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