High volume problem: stat: no such file or directory

Bob Robison bob.robison at swri.org
Tue Jan 24 18:38:09 GMT 2006

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006 12:32:35 -0600
Bob Robison <bob.robison at swri.org> wrote:

> After running a while, I have seen as many as 300+ rsync processes
> remain active.  I have seen the client side process stay active for a
> long time (7-10 minutes) while trying to transfer a few-K file.  I
> 'shut off' the source of these transfers and eventually, the server
> process catches up.  The last time I tried this I saw a 10 minute gap
> in the timestamps showing up in the syslog file --- like something
> was hung for that whole time, and then finally cleared up.

... update: I found that it wasn't a 10 minute gap, but rather data out of order in the syslog output.  i.e. several messages that had been time-tagged at 18:07 showed up after 18:17 in the log file.  This may be another indication that there is an undesirable interaction with syslog.


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