Attention Debian users

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Tue Jan 24 13:05:55 GMT 2006

The recent security update for sudo (DSA 946-1) introduced a significant
change, the environment is cleared much more thoroughly than before. As
one result SSH_CONNECTION is not availble any more.

Due to this my installations stopped working as they use rsh (as
unprivileged user) to log in, sudo to gain required root rights for
rsync and "hosts allow" in rsyncd.conf - the latter now fails with "name
lookup failed for Name or service not known".

Well, thanks for breaking a so called "stable" release right in the
middle. At least a strong warning and suggestions in postinst would have 
limited the damage. Instead I had to dig for two hours to understand the
problem and how to adjust sudoers as either a per-statement
"env_check=SSH_CONNECTION" is not possible or well hidden in the
manpage. Now I'll have to modify the configuration on several machines.

I'll try to calm down now, then I might add my bug report to #349196,
#349549 and #349587.


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