problem with rsyncing web site

Walls, Bryan (MSFC-IS04) ef Bryan.Walls at
Sat Jan 21 01:36:22 GMT 2006

I'm currently running a web site on Windows 2000 (ISS5), and I need 
to mirror the content to a Unix server running Apache.

I've installed Cygwin, and I have rsync working to copy content over 
ssh. However, content is being copied with permissions being supplied 
for the user, but being zeroed out for group and world.

In other words, most files get copied like:
-rwx------	default.htm

Apparently Apache needs world read and execute on at least the 
directories? Definitely, it needs read access.

Now, I could do the rsync, and then go back and fix the permissions. 
But that means that all the files will be unreachable on the web site 
during the rsync process. Which can take a while, so it's ugly.

Is there a way to force rsync to take permissions from the enclosing 
folder? Or something?

Windows has read and execute privilege for the files for 
"Authenticated User", but no permission for "Everybody".  In fact, 
there is no "Everybody" group on the server, for security reasons.

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