DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3430] Error with ACL-patch and -x on mountpoint

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Fri Jan 20 18:57:08 GMT 2006

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> No, we copy the mount-point directory on purpose because we want it to be there
> should the remote system need to mount their own filesystem at that point.

True, in some cases it might be useful to copy the mount point, but the empty
folder on the destination might confuse someone about whether the filesystem
was excluded or empty or what.  I don't think it makes sense to copy the mount
point unless we know the true attributes of the mount point itself as opposed
to those overlaid on it by the mounted filesystem.

For example, on my computer, I set 000 permissions on directories intended to
be used as mount points, and then the permissions are overlaid with those of
the root of the mounted filesystem.  That way, it's easy to see whether the
filesystem is mounted, and mistakes like backing up the system to
/media/external-disk when the disk isn't mounted are avoided.  If rsync were to
copy those mount points, I would expect to see their underlying 000 permissions
on the destination, not the permissions of the top of the mounted filesystem.

> The right fix is to eliminate this ACL error altogether: rsync should never
> complain about a source item not having ACL info; it should just copy the item
> without ACL info.  (This is one of the things that must be fixed before the ACL
> patch can make it into the released version of rsync.)

Yes, that should be done no matter how rsync treats mount points.

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