deleting remote dirs I no longer want to backup

Christophe LYON christophe.lyon at
Fri Jan 20 14:33:06 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I have been using rsync to copy multiple dirs, eg:
rsync -aR dira dirb /tmp

Now, I no longer want to copy dirb, and I want it to be removed on the 
remote side, and I cannot figure how to achieve this.

I tried:
rsync -aR --exclude=dirb --exclude-deleted dira dirb /tmp
but this has no effect.

I have searched for similar posts, and found:

What is exactly meant by "Rsync only deletes inside directories
that it sends" ? I mean, in the command I used, I provide dirb in the 
list of dirs to be copied, so "send" mean really send over the wire?

I have tried what is suggested (ie put dira and dirb into test-rsync/ 
and send test-rsync):
rsync -avn --exclude=dirb --delete-excluded test-rsync/ /tmp

but in this particular case, it tries to remove many things in /tmp 
which is obviously populated with many files ;-)

I suppose there is an 'obvious' to do what I want, but how?



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