DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3422] dry run fails when encountering dangling symbolic link

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Thu Jan 19 13:57:33 GMT 2006

------- Comment #4 from hashproduct at  2006-01-19 06:57 MST -------
Yes, please do take a recent source RPM or source tarball and try the patch. 
If you use rpmbuild, you can get it to apply the patch automatically after
unpacking the source tarball that comes with the SRPM.  Put the patch in
SOURCES/ of your RPM-building arena, and name it in rsync.spec like this:
    Patch0: delete-only-in-directories.diff
Then insert after the %setup line:
    %patch0 -p0
There's a testsuite that you can run with "make test" in a built rsync source
tree, either one you make manually or the one rpmbuild makes in BUILD/.  That
will check that the patch doesn't break other features.  But this might be
putting the carriage before the horse, as I'm still hoping Wayne will weigh in
as to whether my patch is the right way to fix the problem.

I think a "dry-run" test case should be added that tests the dry run feature
comprehensively on -vv verbosity and makes sure it produces the same output as
a real run in a number of borderline cases, such as the one in this bug.

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