Backup of the 5 last revisions of files

bsnottum at bsnottum at
Wed Jan 18 14:02:40 GMT 2006


I am running rsync-2.6.2-1.fc2.0 on fedora 2 server. I use incremental
backup with rsync, and I have 7 folders that are rotated on a daily basis.
At the moment I run backup only one time each day.

/home-area on my server uses 18G, and all the 7 backups together fill up
19G on my usb-disk, so I think my script works okay. It looks like this:

rsync -verbose -progres -a --link-dest=/mnt/usbd/daglig/backup1

My question is: Can anyone help me with a script that takes backup of for
example the 5 last revisions of the files on /home, so that backup1
contains version 1 of a file, backup2 contains version 2 of a file and so
on? Of course if a file has noe revision it should only be kept in its
originalyy state in backup1.

I have googled for this for quite a while but I have not found anything so
far, so I hope someone can give me som advice on this.

Thanks a lot!


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