DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3304] on --delay-updates remove .~tmp~ recursively

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------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2006-01-17 12:38 MST -------
It might not be safe for rsync to delete a non-empty .~tmp~ dir if multiple
rsync commands are running at the same time (hopefully updating different
files).  One could argue that two simultaneously running rsyncs should really
be using different partial-dir settings to avoid other potential failures (such
as an empty directory being removed by one rsync right before the other can
open a temp file in it).  I'll consider allowing this, but it might be better
to make this an option, or to only enable it if a custom --partial-dir name is

As for your example, rsync does not remove the empty .~tmp~ dir because it
didn't use it during that run.  If rsync had updated a file in the destination
directory, it would have removed the dir (as long as it was empty).  This
behavior is certainly debatable, and might change in the future.

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