DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2790] Add support for converting filenames into different encodings

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Tue Jan 17 03:51:20 GMT 2006

------- Comment #3 from wayned at  2006-01-16 20:51 MST -------
I've been working on a filename-conversion solution that uses the iconv()
function.  After putting a bunch of thought into various designs, I think I
have a good solution that I have coded up as a patch for the latest CVS version
(also available in the latest "nightly" tar file).  You can grab the patch

This is a fairly early version, so if anyone would like to help with the
testing, please be sure to be fairly cautious with it at first.

The patch doesn't have any changes to the configure script only because I
already checked those into CVS (since they were pretty small -- they just check
for things like iconv_open(), iconv.h, etc.).

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