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Matt McCutchen hashproduct at
Sun Jan 15 15:56:31 GMT 2006

On Sun, 2006-01-15 at 09:15 +0200, Mark, Oren wrote:
> Can I do it one single rsync command, giving a file containing list of
> paths as parameter, or do I need to run rsync for each file.

It looks like this is what you need.

              Using this option allows you to specify the exact list of  files
              to transfer (as read from the specified FILE or "-" for standard
              input).  It also tweaks the default behavior of  rsync  to  make
              transferring just the specified files and directories easier:

              o      The  --relative  (-R)  option is implied, which preserves
                     the path information that is specified for each  item  in
                     the  file  (use  --no-relative  if  you want to turn that

              o      The --dirs (-d) option  is  implied,  which  will  create
                     directories  specified  in  the  list  on the destination
                     rather than noisily skipping them.

              o      The --archive  (-a)  option´s  behavior  does  not  imply
                     --recursive  (-r),  so specify it explicitly, if you want

              The file names that are read from the FILE are all  relative  to
              the  source  dir  -- any leading slashes are removed and no ".."
              references are allowed to go higher than the  source  dir.   For
              example, take this command:

                 rsync -a --files-from=/tmp/foo /usr remote:/backup

              If  /tmp/foo  contains  the  string  "bin" (or even "/bin"), the
              /usr/bin directory will be created as /backup/bin on the  remote
              host.   If  it  contains  "bin/"  (note the trailing slash), the
              immediate contents of the directory would also be sent  (without
              needing  to be explicitly mentioned in the file -- this began in
              version 2.6.4).  In both cases, if the -r  option  was  enabled,
              that  dir´s  entire hierarchy would also be transferred (keep in
              mind that -r needs to be specified explicitly with --files-from,
              since  it  is  not implied by -a).  Also note that the effect of
              the (enabled by default) --relative option is to duplicate  only
              the  path  info  that is read from the file -- it does not force
              the duplication of the source-spec path (/usr in this case).

              In addition, the --files-from file can be read from  the  remote
              host instead of the local host if you specify a "host:" in front
              of the file (the host must match one end of the transfer).  As a
              short-cut, you can specify just a prefix of ":" to mean "use the
              remote end of the transfer".  For example:

                 rsync -a --files-from=:/path/file-list src:/ /tmp/copy

              This would copy all the files specified in  the  /path/file-list
              file that was located on the remote "src" host.

Now, here's something I'm wondering: is there a way, given a list of
unrelated (source, destination) pairs, to copy each source to the
corresponding destination in a single run of rsync?
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