i/o timeout errors with cygwin

Robert Fitzpatrick lists at webtent.net
Sun Jan 15 04:37:33 GMT 2006

I have been a long time user of rsync for backups between unix/linux 
servers for years. Recently, I have been trying to backup Windows boxes 
using rsync with cygwin. I have no problems when doing this running 
rsync over ssh from a Windows server with the destination to a unix 
server, but to run rsync on the unix server pulling down from a Windows 
server, I get i/o timeouts. I also have this problem using between two 
Windows servers. After googling, I have tried raising the timeout, 
making sure both sides are running 2.6.6, etc. with no luck. Just wanted 
to check on this list to see if anyone has this working well?\


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