wildcard and subdirectories with rsync

Justin R. Pessa justin at brontes3d.com
Fri Jan 13 16:44:43 GMT 2006

I've got the following directory structure on my server



Within each user's directory there is a backup directory where files 
that the user wants backed up should be copied in to.

I'd like to sync each user's directory from the server to my backup 
server. Essentually /backups/*/backups. On the backup server I'd like to 


What I'm not certain about is first, if this can be done with rsync and 
secondly if it can, how would that look in rsyncd.conf under path=? I'd 
like to share the directory as "backups" and be able to do an rsync -ra 
server::backups and have it pull the users folder and their backup 

I'd tried tinkering with the Path = in rsyncd.conf as well as using some 
wildcards when calling rsync from the server side, to no avail.



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