Feature proposal regarding rsync client's progress output

Frank 'xraz' Fricke xraz at rwxr-xr-x.de
Thu Jan 12 17:06:20 GMT 2006

Hi there!

When displaying intra-file progress, recent versions of rsync use \r as
line-seperator. While i like that very much on terminals, it gets me into
trouble with scripts evaluating that progress-output. Especially with
normal perl-IO you can use only one input record seperator. And using
\r for that complicates evaluating inter-file progress.

I'd like to ask if there is a possibility that this could be made
customizable on the command line/in the environment.
The imHo perfect solution would be to do it like other programs
do: test for the presence of a terminal on stdout (but i guess the
latter one is badly portable and maybe hard to implement).

If i'm the only person troubled by this it is certainly not worth the
work as i can use my own rsync-hack (without any \r).

If desired i could also try to implement it myself and send it to you.
But that could take as long as of june. I'm not sure if i'll find the
time (also depends on how much work that is; didn't check for that)

Anyway, thanks to the developers for a cool piece of software... :)

      ...Frank (not subscribed to the list)

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