Checksum of a file

Vijay Ram.C cvijay at
Thu Jan 12 09:59:11 GMT 2006

Hi all,

With reference to the mail subjected : IO Timeout Error in file less than 3 MB,
 thanks to Wayne Davison and Tony for having suggested the changes to be done.
 I have moved to rsync version 2.6.6 from the 2.4 series. 

As per my project requirement,  i need to know  the checksum of the file being synced. 
For this purpose i tried debugging the code. I understand that rsync breaks the entire file
into blocks and calculates checksum for each block. 
>From the source code, i have come across a function
 void file_checksum(char *fname,char *sum,OFF_T size) where i understood that checksum is calculated.

Is there a way where i can get the checksum of the entire file at once ?

Is what i understood about checksum right ?
Can anybody please help me in this issue ?

Thanks in Advance.
Vijay Ram.C
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