Shell Script Does not complete if rsync returns Code 24

John Gallagher john.gallagher at
Wed Jan 11 18:50:42 GMT 2006

> First, this is not an rsync issue.
> That tells me that you want your script (the one you posted 
> in your original
> message) to continue processing if rsync takes the error 24. 
> If that is the case, then you need to remove the -e on your 
> shell invocation OR call a wrapper that treats the error 24 
> as normal. Since you seem to be going in the wrapper 
> direction, leave the -e on you shell invocation (so other 
> errors will cause the script to exit immediately) and modify 
> this line:
> RSYNC="/usr/bin/rsync"
> with the path of your wrapper that ignores the error 24. For example:
> RSYNC="/usr/local/bin/rsync-no24"
> Your wrapper shell script will notice that rsync got an error 
> 24, and return an exit status of zero so your main shell 
> script will think everything is fine.
> Linus

You are correct this is not a rsync issue, however the FAQ is posted on how
to filter out the Code 24 error.  What was not clear to me was how to call
the no24 wrapper.

It is very clear now and I have modified the script based on your

Thank you!


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