Shell Script Does not complete if rsync returns Code 24

John Gallagher john.gallagher at
Wed Jan 11 16:39:57 GMT 2006

> If you want to handle errors from rsync in your shell script, 
> then remove the "-e" and test for errors after your call to rsync.
> Linus

Let me start by saying my shell scripting skills are very weak, as if that
were not already apparent.

I understand the -e will exit when the return code is other than 0.  I
believe this is what I want with the exception of the rsync code 24 files
have vanished error.  The script is a modified version of one of the
examples found on  It
takes almost 3 hours to complete the index of the directory, sync and then
removal of the oldest backup (Snapshot).  

Are you saying that in order to use the wrapper example below I need to
remove the -e?  How do I call the wrapper or do I need to incorporate this
example into the original script?  This is where I am clueless.....

The easiest way to do this is to create a shell script wrapper. For
instance, name this something like "rsync-no24": 

rsync "$@"
if test $e = 24; then
    exit 0
exit $e



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