DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3392] fuzzy misbehaving if source is a file

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Wed Jan 11 00:22:28 GMT 2006

------- Comment #1 from hashproduct at  2006-01-10 17:22 MST -------
This behavior is a consequence of the strange logic in get_local_name in
main.c.  If the destination path is given as a file, then rsync uses a "local
name" and accesses the destination file by its full path rather than first
changing to the containing directory of the destination file.

When I was writing my custom rsync, I found that the behavior of get_local_name
fouled up default ACL observance, so I rewrote and heavily commented
get_local_name.  The upshot is that my rsync changes to the containing
directory when receiving no matter what.  Please consider making the same
change in the official rsync.  This change may help the situation with --fuzzy
to some degree, but issues remain, such as whether the basename of the source
path or the destination path is used to search for a fuzzy basis file.

My custom rsync is available here:

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