How to use rsync for Ghost or Acronis type backup

Madison Kelly linux at
Tue Jan 10 13:52:04 GMT 2006

Thomas D. Harrison wrote:
> Madison,
> That sounds like a really nice backup program.  I'd like to try your  
> Beta out if I could.  I've use rsync regularly and it would be great  to 
> have a front end.
> Thanks.
> Thom

W00ts. :)

   You can download the latest version from Please 
let me know how it works out for you. Any feedback is greatly 
appreciated! (here, email or the forums work).

   In the manual on the documents page is a section for several 
distributions listing a one-line command to make sure that all needed 
apps are installed. If you run into dependancy issues check that out. 
Let me know if you use a different distro that is recognised and I can 
add support usually pretty quick.

   Since I made that post I've added support for MySQL as well as 
PostgreSQL, in case you have a preference. If both DBs are there the 
installer will chose PostgreSQL otherwise it will choose the one you 
have installed.


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