rsync error help required

John Van Essen vanes002 at
Fri Jan 6 02:09:54 GMT 2006

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, gg gg234 <ggs234 at> wrote:
> Hi John,
> Thanks for your reply
> I have check that and i try to run ssh /bin/true > out.dat
> and i got the out.dat file with only text inside is Rejected

If rsync is seeing that "Rejected" that explains the error.

This is a problem with ssh.  You need to get the /bin/true test to
work with no resulting output so that rsync doesn't read garbage
when it connects with the remote host.

> I have a look at root .bashrc as follows
[ snip ]

Does your sshd on allow connections by user root?
See  PermitRootLogin  in the sshd man page.

Can you do the /bin/true test successfully as a non-root user?


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