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Andreas Åkre Solberg andreas at
Wed Jan 4 08:17:11 GMT 2006

Den Jan 3, 2006 kl. 19:17 skrev Banana Flex:

> i'm playing with rsync to make a good incremental backup on Mac OS  
> X and FreeBSD
> i use this with the --delete-excluded option to get a fresh copy  
> with only modified files
> but today i ave a new thing:
> i would like to get a backup folder with all modified files on it,  
> not the full backup, only modified files
> i'll tried -b --backup-dir but isn't working
> can any help me configure rsync to get this works?

rsyncbackup [1] is an incremental rsync backup utility for Mac OS X  
and FreeBSD. It is very easy to configure. If you do not want to use  
it, you can configure it and run it with -vv option to see the  
command line options used to rsync, then copy it.

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