DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3358] rsync chokes on large files

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Mon Jan 2 18:42:53 GMT 2006

------- Comment #8 from david-bo at  2006-01-02 11:42 MST -------
> What is weird about that?

You wrote in a previous comment when I asked why rsync is considering a file
for 30 minutes if it is not checksumming it: 

> Because it is transferring the file. 

To which I replied that there is no noticable network activity when rsync is in
this state. However, when it is finished with the 'consideration phase' the
network is saturated.

I think it is weird that transferring a 25 GB file doesn't generate any network
activity when rsync is in the 'consideration phase' but transferring the same
file when rsync is in another phase saturates the network.

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